NID is a platform for Estonian and Finnish designers.

It was created in 2015 with the aim of promoting Nordic living and aesthetics – love for pure, natural materials and timeless design. NID selects carefully the designers and values local small businesses - all the products in the shop are made in Estonia and Finland from well-chosen quality materials.

Behind NID, there are three girls, Kätlin Lõbu, Triin Loks and Maris Kase, whose paths crossed in Paris. Kätlin, a textile designer, and Triin, with a background in art history, happened to work together in Paris where they were united by their interest for design. The starting point was a pop-up showroom during Paris Design Week 2015 where NID presented Estonian contemporary design focusing on sustainability and smart design. While planning the first exhibition in Paris, they met Maris, a product designer, who joined the collective.

NID took part of Paris Design Week the following year and this time together with Finnish designers. The successful second exhibition was a start point for their future plans - to open an online store dedicated to Estonian and Finnish designers. 

FinEst Nordic Design

The design "languages" of FINland and ESTonia, two northern countries which belong to different families (Nordic and Baltic), have much in common just like the national languages (both belong to Finno-Ugric language group). Therefore, Estonian and Finnish design reflects the proximity of these two cultures as well as their specific characteristics.