Puzzle Hatchel - Hard

Level : Hard

Time : ~ 3 hour

Pieces : 49 elements

Behäppi is an extraordinary wooden puzzle designed and manufactured by Behäppy Design Studio from top quality Swedish SFC certified birch plywood. It’s not a simple puzzle, because you never know the certain place to put an element. To solve it, you need to fill the frame using all puzzle elements. But remember, you should leave no gaps.

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5/ 5

How to play: You can solve the puzzle by yourself or set up a tournament with your friends. Behäppi is the ideal gift for all puzzle fans looking for a new challenge.

Behäppi is also designed to slot into bookshelves alongside books, meaning storage is easy and aesthetically pleasing.

Warning! Not for children under 3 years. Includes small parts.

Designer: Behäppi

Country of origin: Estonia

Dimensions: 20(l) x 20(w) x 0,4(h),

Weight: 0,09(kg),

Material: FSC certified birch plywood,

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