Our philosophy

The core of NIDs philosophy is a conscious, honest approach to design and transparency throughout the production.

Simply: we think that it is essential for us and our customers to know who is making the products and where and how they have been produced.

Craftsmanship & innovation

We work closely with small makers and artisans who implement ethical practices in their work and production. NID would not be NID without the designers - it is important for us to know them personally and keep a warm and open relationship. Furthermore, we want you to know them as well - read our series of interviews here.

We value craftsmanship and old traditions, but we also support energy saving new smart solutions. In the future we would like to bring you more and more exciting products made out of innovative or recycled new materials.

Conscious consumption

NID stands for conscious consumption, which means that we don't follow seasonal trends.Instead, NID focuses on simple and timeless items, which our team personally selects.

Our collection of homeware and lifestyle products has a coherent design aesthetic: it is simple, yet unique, well-made, thoughtfully designed and meant to last.

Our team

Behind NID, there are three of us: textile designer Kätlin, product designer Maris and Triin, who has a background in art history. Our paths crossed in Paris in 2015. Since then, we have organised several pop-up showrooms, design & culture events. Step by step, we have developed our idea and in 2018 we opened an online concept store reflecting our very own lifestyle values and aesthetics in design.