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Latte Set - Dark Green by Nüüd Ceramics

Latte Set - Dark Green

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Latte Set - Dark Green is made of light porcelain by Mariana Laan in her studio in Tallinn, Estonia. Probably the most stylish latte set in the world, it is made to be enjoyed! Originally designed for latte coffee, the set is perfect for any drink. 

It contains of small circular plate, latte cup and 15 cm mixing stick. The tray and cup can be used seperately. Glazed inside, dishwasher safe. Available in three colours. 

Delivery time: ~1 week

  • Designer: Nüüd Ceramics
  • Country of origin: Estonia
  • Porcelain
  • Dark Green
  • 9 x 13 cm
  • Stick is 15 cm
  • 300 g